Platware - Mobile Enterprise Application Platform

A fully mobile enabled enterprise would eventually have many mobile apps and solutions to cover its various business process and workflows. If these apps and solutions are not thought through while designing and developing, the organization will end up in a complex heterogeneous mobile and solutions setup which will be impossible to manage. The answer to this is a one serves all Mobile Platform Middleware, we call PLATWARE.

PLATWARE is a robust, scalable, plug and play platform so that the various mobile devices and enterprise systems communicate over one platform. PLATWARE helps achieve the following:

  • Interfaces with a heterogeneous frontend: Two-way communication/data flow with mobile applications on any mobile OS, phone/tablet/device, network and service provider
  •  Security & Business Logic: Identifies and authenticates the frontend user, encrypts/decrypts data using proprietary algorithms, parses data, applies business logic, transforms data into enterprise system compatible formats
  • Integrates with the backend: Two-way integration with enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, DB, Applications etc

PLATWARE helps reduce the turnaround times and cost of ownership for customers by almost 30%.