mCollections – Mobile Enabled Collections Management Solution

mCollections is an automated system for collecting payments on field. It helps process and organize payments information on mobile platform. It reduces manual tasks and helps businesses improving the service experience.


How it works

Challenges in the traditional way of Collections Management

  • Cumbersome process of allocation of collection leads to agents
  • No visibility on the activities of collection agents
  • Delay in reporting of payment collection after payment collected from customer
  • Difficulty in tracking payments not made
  • Difficulty in maintaining records of payments collected
  • Delay in updating collection status
  • Poor control on official payment receipt printing
  • Valuable time lost in collating and organizing payments collection information

mCollections way of collections management

  • Automated system for collecting payments in field
  • Helps process and organize payments information on mobile platform
  • Helps businesses to cut costs through early intervention in potentially delinquent cases
  • Reduces manual tasks
  • App helps businesses in improving service experience

Benefits of mCollections

For users:

  • Allows tracking of all collection leads
  • Allows updating/issuing of leads directly
  • Allows monitoring of customer details
  • Allows generation of receipts on real-time basis
  • Results in better reporting
  • Self performance dashboard
  • Increases efficiency of collection agents

For Management:

  • Increases productivity of the organization
  • Creates transparency which in turns results in better visibility of the activities of collection agents.
  • On-time reporting of the payment collection
  • Gives a better view of the collection status to the management
  • Helps monitor receipts of payments on real time basis
  • Forecasting of the payment collection is possible