mMIS is a mobile based graph and dashboard solution for data.

mMIS offers the new age way for consuming the large amounts of data that your businesses generate on a regular frequency. The two largest benefits of mMIS are:

  • It converts your tabular formatted data into graphical dashboards making it easy to comprehend and act upon
  • It makes the data available from anywhere on your own mobile/tab. No more boundaries of intranet or laptop

mMIS is a easy to deploy and use mobile based graphing and dashboarding solution. Reports, graphs can be easily configured from the backend and rendered on mobile devices.

Key features:

  • Integrates with many backend
  • Data can be coming from Web Services, Database, Files (Excel, CSV, JSON, XMLetc), API, RFC etc
  • Works across mobile devices and web browsers
  • Reports, filters can be easily configured
  • Future changes can be configured and rolled out in minutes